Lead Inbox enhancements in v7.0.45

Legrand CRM release v7.0.45 contains quite a number of enhancements, with the most significant ones being Competitor tracking in the Opportunities module and a much improved Lead Inbox.

The Lead Inbox is typically used to collect web form submissions, but you can also use it to efficiently process information requests sent to a generic email such as sales@ or info@ addresses.

Processing the Lead Inbox is made efficient with an automated search in your CRM database for partial or complete matches on the contact name, company name or email domain. It enables you to quickly identify if this is a new lead or an existing contact contacting you with a new question.

You can create a new contact and company record, or link the enquiry to existing records in your CRM database, and create a new opportunity and task.

You can also link the opportunity and lead to an active campaign, thereby tracking the impact that the campaign has on lead generation.

In addition to the enhancements to Lead Inbox there are a further 20+ changes in update v7.0.44, including: –

  • a ‘Save and Create New’ button has been added in the Create Company screen to immediately create a follow-up action
  • the configuration of Opportunity cards now includes the option to display the Summary as the card’s header
  • new print templates for Activity Notes and Customer Service records
  • recording the Competitor in a sales opportunity

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