CORP v6.5 software updates

Important Note: v6.5, v6 and v5 are End-of-Life products!

The licensing server that provides their licencing will be de-commisioned on June 30, 2020.   These products will cease to work within 30 days after June 30.

v6.5.38 -  2018-April

  • Enhancement: Show contact info in exported appointments even if Outlook contact exists
  • Fixes to the layout and validation of the 'Advanced Search' window:
    - The checkbox to determine if a Search is shared is missing from the Save dialogue in SQL Expert mode
    - Execute Search button should not show in Expert mode
  • Fix Assign Keywords screen: the width of the lists and the popup window have been increased to avoid truncation of long names
  • MYOB EXO integration:
    - Fixed error creating a Supplier in EXO which occurs when the CRM 'notes' field is null

Download link:-
v6.5.38 CORP installer

v6.5.37 -  2018-March-19

  • Change: upgraded DevExpress DLLs to v17
  • Change: upgraded redemption.DLL for enhanced support of Outlook 2016
  • Change: Contacts who have 'opted out' from campaigns can be sent an individual, non-campaign email.  A warning message will appear.
  • Fix #9161: Sort Active users before InActive in Account Manager dropdown.
  • New in company report: added DOB in contact list data
  • Fix in Opportunities module: columns 2 and 3 are always invisible in the Data2 tab in the Opportunity screen
  • New in CustomerService module: added DaysOpen and TimeOpen to Excel export
  • Fix in CustomerService module: fix error message that appears when creating the notification email to another team member
  • Change in Web Capture: the HTML code '&' is now correctly converted as '&'
  • MYOB EXO integration:
    - New: when creating a new customer in EXO from Legrand CRM a form pops up so you can specify the EXO Primary & Secondary groups and SalesPerson
  • QuickBooks integration:
    - Fix mapping error with BillTo and ShipTo addresses
    - Fix inconsistent naming of QuickBooks (instead of QB)
  • MYOB AccountRight:
    - Update: sales analysis report enhancements for Datapel WMS (Warehouse Management System) sales data, now with transfer of accounts into a CRM worklist for targeted marketing

- not publicly released
 - not publicly released

v6.5.34 -  2017-December-8

  • Change: Contacts marked as 'opted out' from campaigns can be sent an individual, non-campaign email.  A warning message will be shown
  • Change: All the contact fields are now available in the Company Report print template
  • Change: Opportunities & Customer Service tickets less than one day old now show time elapsed since Open in hours & minutes
  • Change: the Data Dictionary has been updated to enable Accounting Labels to be modified
  • Fix: When importing companies & contacts the account manager field no longer fails with "Account Manager cannot be found" message.
    Note: in your csv import file the Account Manager must be recorded as <firstname><space><lastname>
  • Fix: When contacts were merged any documents linked to the redundant contact were being deleted, rather than linked to the retained contact
  • Fix: when linking to an opportunity from an Activity Note the search results include the correct opportunity value now (was zero for all)
  • Fix: When an opportunity is reactivated the display no longer clears
  • Fix: Incorrect daylight saving calculation: when transition occurs on Sunday 1st of the month (like in 2017) the system would not change until Sunday 8th
  • Fix: When creating a quote from the Opportunity screen the contact no longer defaults to the company's primary contact
  • Fix: Sales Order Numbers included in the Quote print template were not appearing
  • Fix: when the Quote pre-fix contains a '-' it prevented the Quote revision from being displayed on screen
  • Fix: when closing off a quote the unused revisions were not being deleted
  • QuickBooks desktop integration:
    • Fix error creating a Sales Estimate in QuickBooks when CRM Quote contains a pre-fix
  • MYOB AccountRight v19:
    • the import wizard has been updated
    • Customers and Suppliers are now imported separately
      (useful if you only want to import Customers, not Suppliers)
    • Inactive MYOB customer cards are now ignored during import
    • the three MYOB custom fields in the Card record are now imported
    • sales integration with Datapel's WMS (Warehouse Management System)

 - not publicly released

v6.5.32.03 -  2017-October-24

  • Change (#2894): in the Customer Service module you can now select & copy the issue number
  • Change: when forwarding an activity note attachments are retained
  • Fix: using Office 365 hosted email now works for all types of setup
  • Fix (#8413) : When replying to an email the selected email signature drops to the very bottom of the entire email correspondence. The signature now goes to the bottom of the current reply, not the bottom of the email thread.
  • Fix (#2866) : in the 'Send Email' window the Up/Down arrow keys and TAB key sometimes don't work.
  • Fix (#10647): The function 'Create list of Contacts' has been restored to the context menu for a list of Opportunities <\li>
  • Fix : Error "Variable 'QUOTATION_SINGLE' is not found" when processing quotes has been corrected (note: was introduced with 6.5.30)
  • New/Optional: added 'Project' drop-down and 'PartNo' fields to the Opportunity module
  • Change: the data dictionary has been updated to allow renaming of the 'IsClosed' label in the Tasks table. The default value of that label is now set to 'Completed'
  • QuickBooks desktop integration:
    • New: added a function to create a Customer sub-account in Quickbooks, i.e. from Legrand CRM you can create an additional branch location for an existing customer account in QuickBooks
  • ABM accounting integration: ABM menu was omitted in v6.5.27 and later. It has been restored in v6.5.32

 - not publicly released

v6.5.30.03 -  2017-September-19

  • Fix #2771 - presence of a . (full stop) in a user-field label breaks the export of companies & contacts
  • Fix: Deleting companies did not delete all linked records, leaving some orphaned records.
  • Fix: when closing a Task using the 'Mark selected tasks as completed' option in the calendar task list the 'Date Modified' is now updated
  • Fix: Import of contacts and companies has been restored (broken in release 6.5.29)
  • New: user1-4 fields and Sales Rep can be marked as mandatory when creating a quote
  • New: A quote prefix can now be defined in Quote settings.
  • New: Progress (>) and Regress (<) buttons have been added in the opportunity screen to make it easier to Progress/Regress a lead though the sales pipeline

    New Progress/Regress buttons for opportunities

  • Change: The company & contact export routine now copes with additional characters such as a full stop in a custom user field name
  • Change: The ability to update stock availability for a single product when using QB accounting has been restored
  • Change: Merge codes from many extra tables are now available in email templates
  • Change: When importing contact keywords record matching can now be performed on contact name & email rather than name & phone number.
  • Data Change: the Tax percent column in various database tables has been increased to allow a percentage with 3 decimals, e.g. 12.375%
  • MYOB EXO accounting:
    • Fix: Product import error when no Unit-of-Measure (UOM) is defined for that product in EXO

Database Change
Please note that the first time that someone logs into v6.5.30.03 a database check and upgrade is performed.
+ The tax percent columns in Invoice_Hdr, Invoice_Dtl, Quote_Hdr, Quote_Dtl  and taxcodes are all being updated to Numeric(6,3)
+ The data dictionary records for Quote_Hdr user1-4 are updated

v6.5.29 -  2017-August

  • New: the installer now checks .Net Framework v4.6.2 as a prerequisite and installs it if missing
  • New: Outlook sync now works with calendar sub-folders (1-level deep only)
  • Changes to the Quotation screen:
    - the User 1-4 fields can be hidden
    - mandatory field checking for User1-4 fields and Sales rep fields, as well as date and contact fields.
    - the Stock Location will not appear for accounting systems that do not support it
  • Change: Adding attachments when using Send Email to a contact: now looks in My Documents folder by default and allows selection of multiple files at once
  • Fix: an extra decimal point would appear when typing in the number1 field of an activity note
  • Fix: unable to tab to the account manager field when creating an opportunity (had to use mouse)
  • Fix: Send SMS Reminder function from the Calendar Event list now works
  • Fix: Email to participants from an Opportunity no longer opens 'behind' the main window
  • Fix: 'Member LINKS does not evaluate' error message when using Office 2016
  • Fix: duplicate calendar item created when syncing with Outlook
  • Fix: MYOB AccountRight 2016 connection configuration issue.
  • Fix: TAB sequence in Opportunity screen did not include the Account Manager field
  • QuickBooks integration
    - New: when a CRM company record is linked to QuickBooks the Company name and address fields are read-only
    - Fix: when converting a CRM quote to a SalesOrder the modified line item description was not being transferred
    - New: when a discount is given in CRM, append the discount information to the item description
    - New: configuration to specify the number of decimals in Unit Price, e.g. $12, $12.25, $12.1250

v6.5.28 - 2017-July; limited release for testers

v6.5.27 -  2017-07-09

  • New: added Copy-to-MailAddress icon in "Create New Company" screen
  • New: added Copy-to-Mail and Copy-to-Street icons in company record
  • New: changed the 'View Map' icon and enhanced the function to display the currently active address type, Mail-To or Ship-To
  • Change for Windows 10: opening attached documents that default to an App rather than a ‘Desktop App’  now works
  • Change: pressing F1 to open the Help menu has been removed as it referenced an obsolete file. Use the "Online Knowledge Base" menu item for help.
  • Fix: On initial entry to the Opportunities tab the ‘days open’ field does not show and will only appear after the Customer Service tab has been accessed.
  • Fix: companies tab, when returning from an activity note view window the list of activities no longer ‘jumps’
  • Fix [#2879]: cannot close Opportunity when Stage Notes are activated
  • QuickBooks desktop integration
    – Enhancements to the import of Customer:Jobs from QuickBooks Enterprise
  • MYOB EXO integration:
    (1) Change: when an EXO Customer is assigned a price level in EXO then the CRM price level should not be shown in the company' Pricing tab, but the EXO price level name should be displayed instead.
    (2) Fix: when creating or editing a quote in CRM do not use the CRM pricing but use the BestPrice function in EXO to get the correct price for that customer
    (3) Fix: SQL error when creating new EXO customer via accounting menu if delivery address mapping 5 is in use
  • New: introducing import of accounting customers from Sybiz SQL

v6.5.26 - 2017-May; limited release for testers

v6.5.25 -  2017-04-24

  • New: SalesOrder Number, Valid-To and other fields have been added to the Quote List report
  • Change in Quote view: added wordwrap to the description column in the line items grid and removed stripping of carriage return characters
  • Added tooltip on Products search form.
  • changed the initial height of the 'send email' window
  • New: added support for MYOB AccountRight 2016 server edition
  • Fix: SMS function not working for UK clients.
  • Fix: could not save a search definition as Public
  • Fix: #9831: link a quote to an opportunity where the contact is an influencer
  • Fix: the 'Go to contact' from a task did not work
  • QuickBooks interface:
    - New: QB SalesRep and QB CustomerType are now imported in Accounting section
    - New: added support for import of QB product and service items with very long descriptions
  • Fix for QuickBooks Australia: re-instated support for the older QB SDK5 which is still used by QB Australia. (SDK5 support had been removed in update v6.5.21)

v6.5.24 - 2017 March; limited release for testers

v6.5.23 - 2017-March; limited release for testers

v6.5.22 -  2017-02-21

  • Fix: User Permissions were not applied on the 'Print List' command for companies / contacts
  • Fix: sorting sequence on the Customer Service ticket number
  • Fix: 'Email Signatures' were not working.
    The email signature will now appear when you create a new email or when you hit Reply/Forward on an activity note
  • Fix: Excel export of Activity list does not include keywords
  • Fix: the company activity list did not always correctly indicate if an activity note has attachments
  • Fix: when performing an email-merge the Activity Note that is recorded shows HTML text, not a graphical view
  • Fix: cannot add a record to Country definitions
  • Fix: error when the email merge template includes a checkbox field, aka YesNo field
  • Fix: activity note was not being created when re-assiging an existing Task
  • New: exporting Activity Notes now includes the keyword tags for each Activity
  • New: when importing products from accounting additional validation has been introduced to
    prevent duplicates being created
  • New: added an 'isVisible' checkbox in "Screen Configuration" window to control visibility of data panels
  • QuickBooks desktop integration
    - New: when importing QB products the Unit-Of-Measure (UOM) information is now included
    - New: additional error logging when synchronizing Stock Updates

v6.5.21 - 2016 December

  • New: added a 'Forward' button when drilling down into Activity Note of type 'email'
  • Fix: Ticket 8713 - a QuickSearch on the Summary field in CustService module always produced no result
  • Fix: Performance improvement when retrieving a large list of activity notes
  • Fix: when an activity note is created and the 'Save & Create New Task' option is used, then the resulting task window does not notify the assignee of the new task.
  • Fix: the notification email that is generated when creating a new Opportunity for another team member now includes more information and the subject of the email no longer says 'Quotes'
  • Fix performance issue: drilling down into an Activity Note could take more than 10secs when multiple drop-down user fields are used in the Contact record
  • Fix: error in Web Capture module when searching
  • Fix: Ticket 9247 - incorrect behaviour of 'include inactive' checkboxes when looking at item tracking
  • Fix: the 'Saved 'Searches' selection drop-down did not appear for Customer Service searches
  • Fix: Ticket 9069 - when an inactive contact is accessed from the companies tab, no details appear
  • Fix: in the 'Merge Contact' function we fixed a problem with the 'Select Contact' pop-up window

v6.5.20 - 2016 September

  • New: the e-Marketing Synchronizer application can be invoked from the Legrand CRM main menu
  • Change: email campaign results are now displayed in a style that is consistent with MailChimp and Constant Contact

Campaign Results

  • Change: The SMS menus can be activated/deactivated from the main menu “Administration > Marketing”. Our SMS provider, MessageMedia, offers plans and local support in the US, UK, AUS and NZ
  • Change: the country field in Company and Contact screen has been converted to a drop-down
  • Change: the Activity list report now includes a column containing the keywords associated with an activity

Keyword Tags in Activity Notes report

  • Fix: the ‘Find Company’ popup screen was only filtering companies by the 1st letter
  • Fix: error in drop-down list management when trying to make a list item Inactive
  • Fix: when viewing the calendar in single day side-by-side view not all appointments are displayed
  • MYOB EXO interface:
    • new: Unit-of-Measure (UOM) is now included when importing product definitions from MYOB EXO
    • new configuration option to specify the maximum length of a sales order line item 'description' field
    • MYOB EXO integration: improve performance of financial summary sync by reducing frequency of progress messages
  • ABM integration : fix error when creating a new customer in ABM

6.5.19 - 2016 August

  • New: the "Advanced Search" in Companies and Contacts modules now includes a 'SQL Expert' mode where one can specify the SQL 'WHERE' condition of the search
  • New User Permission to control who can Add or Edit SQL queries in Search function
  • New: User Preferences for team member names; display [First Lastname] or [Lastname, Firstname]
  • Fix: Word report not available in Opportunities module
  • Fix: when viewing calendar in single day side-by-side view, creating a new calendar event in any column > 1 would use the wrong date
  • Fix: Opportunities module, screen layout error when placing checkbox fields 4 to 9

6.5.18 - 2016 June

  • New: "Saved Search" drop-down selector in the QuickList area in companies and contacts
  • Fix: display issue when viewing calendar in single day mode; the Task list was overlapping the TimeZone selector
  • Fix: when viewing calendar in 3-day or 4-day view clicking on anything but the first day would advance the calendar
  • Fix: in the Campaigns module the Active / Closed selection was hidden
  • Fix: error when sending emails from Legrand CRM via SMTP server that uses a non-standard IP port
  • Change: 'status' field in Campaign Targets and Respondents is increased to 200 characters for MailChimp eMarketing sync results.
  • Changed Company Keyword list to display max 25 entries at a time (for standard-res displays
  • Changed .NET SQL DataAccess to include more retries in order to avoid connection error on heavily loaded networks
  • MYOB EXO integration:
    • New fields in CRM to display a customer's Primary Group and Secondary Group values
    • MYOB EXO: change to SQL statement to improve performance when retrieving EXO sales history
    • MYOB EXO: fix error when creating a Sales Order in EXO that contains a Text-only line
    • Change: additional address mapping option in MYOB EXO accounting interface

6.5.17 - 2016 June

  • Changed company keyword list to display max 25 entries at a time (for lo-res displays)
  • Changed .NET SQL DataAccess to include more retries
  • Fix: in Campaigns module the Active / Closed selection was hidden

6.5.16 - 2016 May

  • Fix: error when trying to close an Opportunity
  • Fix: error when sending Task reminder

6.5.15 - 2016 April

  • New: Opportunity Detail report and Opportunity list report are now configurable
  • New: Company list report now includes more information on Opportunities
  • New: In Sales History screen, the cost column will not show data when a user does not have permission to see Product cost
  • Change: updated the link to the support web site and to the 'software updates' web page
  • Change: all menus that include 'Print Activity Detail report' now invoke the new report
  • Fix: when you have a standalone Contact (i.e. a contact not linked to a company) the Opportunity search in Activity Note did not filter the opportunities for that contact.
  • Fix: 'Modelname cursor error' appears upon login when the Account Manager drop-down or the Web URL field are positioned in the layout of the configurable tabs.
  • Fix: export error in Campaigns module when exporting the list of Targets to Excel and including any of Company user fields 7, 8 or 9
  • Fix: when exporting company data the User-1 to User-9 fields are always blank
  • Fix: in User Preferences you can now specify whether to include the old Word reports in print menus
  • Fix: when exporting email from Outlook AddIn you may receive error message 'missing columns OppId and JobId'.
    NOTE: this is fixed by applying latest V6.5 sql upgrade script

6.5.14 - 2016 March, 29

  • Fix: could not perform QuickSearch on companylink dropdown box in Company, Opportunity and Service Issue screens
  • Activity Note form: updated tab sequence and appearance of Status and Outcome dropdown boxes
  • Task form: fixed tab sequence
  • New: in the Contact campaigns list we now include Target status column and respondent status column
  • New: added User1 field to the available search criteria for Activities Report
  • Change: in Opportunity list criteria the Account Manager field can be cleared

6.5.13 - 2016 March 13

  • Fix: in Custom Menu, definitions of type 'SQL Stored Procedure' did not execute
  • Fix: error in Task form when marking a Task as being Closed and clicking Save

6.5.12 - 2016 March 3

  • Fix: CompanyName was missing in Task Notification email
  • Fix: spelling checker was not functioning in Email form
  • Fix: when sending a single email to a list of contacts the application wasn't following the To/Bcc preference setting
  • Fix: when User Permission 'Edit Activity Note' is Off the Save button is disabled; you cannot save any changes
  • ABM accounting interface:
    • when transferring a Customer or Supplier contact to ABM we now also record the CompanyType field
      and the UniqueId field now follows the ABM rule of having the first letter as a 'C' for customer
      and a 'S' for Supplier

6.5.11 - February 2016

  • Fix: in Marketing Campaigns, the Status drop-down box for Targets wasn't functioning
  • Change: Improved the 'Select Opportunity' form in Task from and Activity Note so you can search for any Opportunity record
  • Fix - Activity Note: an error sometimes occurred when attempting to save a change to the date of an existing activity note.
  • Fix - Web Capture module : web form submissions of type 'Customer Service' issue were not being processed
  • Fix: configuration screen for LegrandReports Setting could not be invoked
  • Fix: when removing one of the UserField TABs in company screen this affected the auto-reload of Accounting data
  • Fixes in EXO integration
    • the import configuration setting 'Do not overwrite Legrand CRM Product description when getting an update from EXO' was being ignored
    • performing a 'Stock Availability' check in Quote screen did not get the very latest data from EXO