CORP v6.5.20

Summary of the changes in this release:-

  • New: the e-marketing Synchronizer for Mailchimp and ConstantContact is released
  • Change: email campaign results are now displayed in a style that is consistent with MailChimp and Constant Contact
    Campaign Results
  • Change: The SMS menus can be activated/deactivated from the main menu “Administration > Marketing”.  Our SMS provider, MessageMedia, offers plans and local support in the US, UK, AUS and NZ
  • Change: the country field in Company and Contact screen has been converted to a drop-down
  • Change: the Activity list report now includes a column containing the keywords associated with an activity
    Keyword Tags in Activity Notes report
  • Fix: the ‘Find Company’ popup screen was only filtering companies by the 1st letter
  • Fix: error in drop-down list management when trying to make a list item Inactive
  • Fix: when viewing the calendar in single day side-by-side view not all appointments are displayed
  • MYOB EXO integration:
    • new configuration option to specify the maximum length of a sales order line item ‘description’ field
    • improved performance of financial summary sync by reducing frequency of progress messages
  • ABM integration : fix error when creating a new customer in ABM

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