CORP v6.5.37 and Outlook Add-In v5.3.22 have been released

This month we have updated for CORP desktop CRM and the Outlook Add-In.

The changes in CORP v6.5.37 are:-

  • Change: upgraded DevExpress DLLs to v17
  • Change: upgraded redemption.DLL for enhanced support of Outlook 2016
  • Fix #9161: Sort Active users before InActive in Account Manager dropdown.
  • New in company report: added DOB in contact list data
  • Fix in Opportunities module: columns 2 and 3 are always invisible in the Data2 tab in the Opportunity screen
  • New in CS module: added DaysOpen and TimeOpen to Excel export
  • Fix in CS module: fix error message that appears when creating the notification email to another team member
  • Web Capture
  • New in MYOB EXO integration:
    • Create EXO Customer form so user can specify Primary & Secondary groups and SalesPerson when creating for EXO
  • QuickBooks integration:
    – Fix mapping error with BillTo and ShipTo addresses
    – Fix inconsistent naming of QuickBooks (instead of QB)
  • New: sales analysis report MYOB AccountRight and Datapel WMS (Warehouse Management System) with feedback into CRM worklist

To access the download links go to

The changes in Outlook Add-In v5.3.22 are:-

  • Fix: An ‘All Day’ appointment created in Outlook transferred as covering two days in the CRM
  • Change: Searching for an Opportunity when connected using Direct SQL now returns all opportunities
  • Change: Improved resilience and tracing when synchronising the calendar

To access the download for the Outlook Add-in go to

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