v6.5.34 has been released

Update v6.5.34 has been released.

Hello Legrand CRM users, update v6.5.34 is now available for download.
As usual this update contains a number of fixes and improvements:-

  • Change: Contacts marked as ‘opted out’ from campaigns can be sent an individual, non-campaign email.  A warning message will be shown
  • Change: All the contact fields are now available in the Company Report print template
  • Change: Opportunities & Customer Service tickets less than one day old now show time elapsed since Open in hours & minutes
  • Change: the Data Dictionary has been updated to enable Accounting Labels to be modified
  • Fix: When importing companies & contacts the account manager field no longer fails with “Account Manager cannot be found” message.
    Note: in your csv import file the Account Manager must be recorded as
  • Fix: When contacts were merged any documents linked to the redundant contact were being deleted, rather than linked to the retained contact
  • Fix: when linking to an opportunity from an Activity Note the search results include the correct opportunity value now (was zero for all)
  • Fix: When an opportunity is reactivated the display no longer clears
  • Fix: Incorrect daylight saving calculation: when transition occurs on Sunday 1st of the month (like in 2017) the system would not change until Sunday 8th
  • Fix: When creating a quote from the Opportunity screen the contact no longer defaults to the company’s primary contact
  • Fix: Sales Order Numbers included in the Quote print template were not appearing
  • Fix: when the Quote pre-fix contains a ‘-‘ it prevented the Quote revision from being displayed on screen
  • Fix: when closing off a quote the unused revisions were not being deleted

To access the download links go to https://swupdates.legrandcrm.com/corp-v6-5/

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