CORP CRM update v6.5.30 is released

Update v6.5.30 is now available.
In this update

  • Fix #2771 – presence of a . (full stop) in a user-field label breaks the export of companies & contacts
  • Fix: Deleting companies did not delete all linked records, leaving some orphaned records.
  • Fix: when closing a Task using the ‘Mark selected tasks as completed’ option in the calendar task list the ‘Date Modified’ is now updated
  • Fix: Import of contacts and companies has been restored (broken in release 6.5.29)
  • New: user1-4 fields and Sales Rep can be marked as mandatory when creating a quote
  • New: A quote prefix can now be defined in Quote settings.
  • New: Progress (>) and Regress (<) buttons have been added in the opportunity screen to make it easier to Progress/Regress a lead though the sales pipeline

New Progress/Regress buttons for opportunities

  • Change: The company & contact export routine now copes with additional characters such as a full stop in a custom user field name
  • Change: The ability to update stock availability for a single product when using QB accounting has been restored
  • Change: Merge codes from many extra tables are now available in email templates

Go to the CORP v6.5 update history to download the update.

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