CORP CRM v6.5.29

Software update v6.5.29 is now available.
In this release:-

  • New: added Copy-to-MailAddress icon in “Create New Company” screen
  • New: added Copy-to-Mail and Copy-to-Street icons in company record
  • New: changed the ‘View Map’ icon and enhanced the function to display the currently active address type, Mail-To or Ship-To
  • Change for Windows 10: opening attached documents that default to an App rather than a ‘Desktop App’ now works
  • Change: pressing F1 to open the Help menu has been removed as it referenced an obsolete file. Use the “Online Knowledge Base” menu item for help.
  • Fix: On initial entry to the Opportunities tab the ‘days open’ field does not show and will only appear after the Customer Service tab has been accessed.
  • Fix: companies tab, when returning from an activity note view window the list of activities no longer ‘jumps’
  • Fix [#2879]: cannot close Opportunity when Stage Notes are activated
  • QuickBooks desktop integration
    – Enhancements to the import of Customer:Jobs from QuickBooks Enterprise
  • MYOB EXO integration:
    (1) Change: when an EXO Customer is assigned a price level in EXO then the CRM price level should not be shown in the company’ Pricing tab, but the EXO price level name should be displayed instead.
    (2) Fix: when creating or editing a quote in CRM do not use the CRM pricing but use the BestPrice function in EXO to get the correct price for that customer
    (3) Fix: SQL error when creating new EXO customer via accounting menu if delivery address mapping 5 is in use
  • New: introducing import of accounting customers from Sybiz SQL

Known issue: cannot execute the CSV import routines due to missing component.  (Download v6.5.30 for fix)

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