CORP v6.5.21

Last week we published update v6.5.21 which includes the following changes:-

  • New: added a ‘Forward’ button when drilling down into Activity Note of type ’email’
  • Fix: Ticket 8713 – a QuickSearch on the Summary field in CustService module always produced no result
  • Fix: Performance improvement when retrieving a large list of activity notes
  • Fix: when an activity note is created and the ‘Save & Create New Task‘ option is used, then the resulting task window does not notify the assignee of the new task.
  • Fix: the notification email that is generated when creating a new Opportunity for another team member now includes more information and the subject of the email no longer says ‘Quotes’
  • Fix performance issue: drilling down into an Activity Note could take more than 10secs when multiple drop-down user fields are used in the Contact record
  • Fix: error in Web Capture module when searching
  • Fix: Ticket 9247 – incorrect behaviour of ‘include inactive’ checkboxes when looking at item tracking
  • Fix: the ‘Saved ‘Searches’ selection drop-down did not appear for Customer Service searches
  • Fix: Ticket 9069 – when an inactive contact is accessed from the companies tab, no details appear
  • Fix: in the ‘Merge Contact’ function we fixed a problem with the ‘Select Contact’ pop-up window

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