Desktop CRM v6.5.22 is released

We’re pleased to announce the availability of v6.5.22
Changes in this release:-

  • Fix: User Permissions were not applied on the ‘Print List’ command for companies / contacts
  • Fix: sorting sequence on the Customer Service ticket number
  • Fix: ‘Email Signatures’ were not working.
    The email signature will now appear when you create a new email or when you hit Reply/Forward on an activity note
  • Fix: Excel export of Activity list does not include keywords
  • Fix: the company activity list did not always correctly indicate if an activity note has attachments
  • Fix: when performing an email-merge the Activity Note that is recorded shows HTML text, not a graphical view
  • Fix: cannot add a record to Country definitions
  • Fix: error when the email merge template includes a checkbox field, aka YesNo field
  • Fix: activity note was not being created when re-assiging an existing Task
  • New: exporting Activity Notes now includes the keyword tags for each Activity
  • New: when importing products from accounting additional validation has been introduced to
    prevent duplicates being created
  • New: added an ‘isVisible’ checkbox in “Screen Configuration” window so we can control visibility of data panels
  • New: SalesOrder Number, Valid-To and other fields have been added to the Quote List report
  • QuickBooks desktop integration
    – New: when importing QB products the Unit-Of-Measure (UOM) information is now included
    – New: additional error logging when synchronizing Stock Updates

Download link: v6.5.22 installer

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