Maintaining your Legrand CRM SQL database

The SQL database is the heart of Legrand CRM and to get the best performance and reliability out of your system it is important that it be maintained in good shape. In version 6.5 of the product particularly this becomes even more important due to the increased usage of the database to store items that were previously held in the Common folder.

We have recently assisted some customers in tuning their database installations with significant results, and feel that all could benefit from the insights we gained.

To summarize: adjustments to the data file sizes and in particular the ‘auto-growth’ size increment can result in a significant improvement in overall performance. We strongly recommend you download this App Note that documents our findings and recommendations, then spend the few minutes necessary to check your system conforms. Of course, if your system is maintained by an external IT support supplier then please ask them to perform the check on your behalf.

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