Outlook Add-In v5.3.16 has been released

v5.3.16 is the latest update to the Legrand CRM Outlook Add-In. It includes the following changes:-

  • Fix: the Add-In previously did not transfer an email attachment which itself is another email. That now works.
  • New: You can resize the Legrand CRM panel inside Outlook
  • Fix: the Add-In now handles email addresses that contain an apostrophe; e.g. o’malley@irish.fake
  • Fix: the Add-In now handles email addresses that start with a number, e.g. 99balloons@fakename.fake
  • Fix: occasional “Object reference” error when transferring an email from Sent Items folder
  • Fix: if you have renamed the Opportunity module to something with a longer name (e.g. ‘Sales Pipeline’) the screen label would be cut off. It now word-wraps to the next line.
  • Enhancement: for desktop CRM users, the Add-In will detect if your computer is not connected to a network and will no longer display the message “Please check SQL Server connection”.

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